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The ten greatest movie hedonists

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2. Bruce Robertson – Filth (2013)


You’d think a list like this would have, if anything, more auto-erotic asphyxiation than there turned out to be. Caligula was into some pretty messed up shit, but even he didn’t “turn off the gas” like they do in Filth. On the flip side, no one could have anticipated the cranking* so… Filth is surprising like that – it goes to some incredibly dark and depraved places, but right up until the very last shot it still manages to shock.

James McAvoy plays a corrupt Scottish police officer who, following his separation from his wife, has gone a bit “Charlie Sheen”. Still, he has one ray of hope in winning back his wife: a promotion. He gleefully sets about destroying the chances of his fellow officers with a mixture of drugging, violence, social and vocational manipulation and cuckoldry, all the while slipping into drug-induced bipolar disorder. Bruce Robertson has zero impulse control in all areas, is easily one of the most intense hedonists on this list and serves as a great example of the trend that seems to be pretty clear by now – the lifestyle ain’t too cheery.

*Cry wanking.


Image: Lionsgate


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