Ten reasons why Final Fantasy X is most deserving of an HD makeover

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Fans of FFX – read on


March marks the US release date of the HD-remastering of Final Fantasy X (FFX). Originally launched on the Playstation 2 in 2001, many fans questioned why thirteen years later they are being given an updated version of FFX, especially given the constant, undying calls for a remake of Final Fantasy VII.

The primary opposition for this HD-remastering comes from the cries for FFVII. However, FFX is more than deserving of this makeover, for many reasons. It revolutionized the Final Fantasy series and introduced it to the next generation. It was the first entry to feature voice acting, and used plot twists that distinguished it from all previous entries. It’s a truly unique and powerful video game, which rightfully earned this update. By the end of this article it will be difficult for even hardcore deniers to disagree.

Image: Facebook: Square Enix

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