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The ten most ludicrous films in cinema

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Spoiler alert: Bruce Campbell features twice. Because obviously.

Sometimes, the world can seem pretty vanilla. Stuff that’s different or not aesthetically pleasing is put on a stage and ridiculed by an insecure mob and some supposedly creative media personalities that have little else to do but nourish their obese egos. Meanwhile, personality vacuums like the Kardashians are treated with a degree of reverence. In this ever-increasing age of beige, we need to celebrate the silly and the ridiculous as frequently as possible. With this in mind, here are ten of the most ludicrous films ever made.

Accion Mutante (1993)

accion mutante

This Spanish B-movie is set in a future where the rich and cosmetically obsessed are attacked by Accion Mutante, a terrorist cell whose members suffer from an array of physical disabilities and deformities. The group kidnap a billionaire’s daughter-in-law and fly to await payment of the ransom on the planet Aturiax, which is inhabited solely by degenerate male miners. The audience can revel in the delights of schadenfreude, as the characters are violently hampered by their own depravity and greed.


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