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6 things that need to happen in Orange is the New Black season 2

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It’s going to get serious. Here’s what we think is coming next

Today, Netflix released the first scene of Orange is the New Black, Season 2. The last line in the 51-second clip is “I need to know what’s going on.” Netflix, you tricksy bastards with your clever subliminal messaging – I also need to know what’s going on! How did you know?

I’d like to point out that this is exactly why I usually refuse to get into television shows. Not in that creepy wearing-Crocs- beanbags-instead-of-a-sofa-hairy-armpit-yoga-I-don’t-have-a-television kind of way, I’m not a wanker. Give me Ice Road Truckers or LA Ink or Family Guy any day. I’m talking about the kind of TV you actually give a shit about. I try to stay away. But, it’s happened, I’m hooked. Come June 6th I will happily return to the warm red glow of Netflix and spend 12 hours (possible straight) watching Orange Is the New Black. I could spend that 12 hours on a bike ride across the country, or taking tap dancing lessons, but I won’t, I’ll spend it watching fictional women in a fictional prison. And I won’t regret it.

Hopefully I won’t anyway. There are lots of things I want to happen in the new series. Many are definitely feasible. Some, less so. If you haven’t seen season one, this article contains spoilers, obviously.


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