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[VIDEO] 9 things you didn’t know about Pulp Fiction

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No matter how much of a die-hard Tarantino fan you are, this will amaze you

Known as the number one top grossing independent film of its time, the film is simply one of best ever made, and still holds that crown today. One of Tarantino’s finest pieces of work, it’s no wonder it was voted in the top five by IMDB’s ‘Top 250’.

Even the most die-hard fan could watch it hundreds of times, and still get a few questions wrong in a pub quiz. Here are nine fascinating facts that uncover background stories behind the film. I mean, who knew that it was actually Tarantino’s wallet that was used during the infamous diner scene? If you’re the kind of person who spends relentless hours on film forums, then you might have known. But you get the point. Regardless, watch it, and then you can boast to your friends of your huge Pulp Fiction knowledge, like a dick.

Image: Jules Winnfeild via Flickr


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