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Top 5 Keanu Reeves films

You can't deny, you'd struggle to pick to out too many "bad" Keanu Reeves films.

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Since hitting our screen back in 1984 with River’s Edge (a 1986 independent crime film), Keanu Reeves has gone from strength to the strength after making his big break with Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (AWESOME) and its sequel, Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey (ROCK ON).

You can’t deny, you’d struggle to pick to out too many “bad” Keanu Reeves films.

Just in case your behind on the times here’s my favourite top 5 Keanu Reeves films

In at number one, and also one of personal top 3 films, its point break. I must have seen this film 500 times.

At number two, and probably my favourite film EVER…. THE MATRIX

At number three, it has to the amazing, Bram Stokers – DRACULA!

In at number four and staying on the supernatural theme, The Devil’s Advocate

Last of all, at number five, it must be Jon Wick.

If you’re feeling a movie binge, then make it a tribute to Keanu!


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