The top five comic book adaptations (that aren’t about superheroes)

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There’s more to comic books than tights and capes, you know.


To many people, comic books are all about superheroes. Even though the medium has only itself to blame for pigeonholing itself so badly, it’s still a pity that there’s so much other great stuff out there that goes largely unnoticed. The explosion of big Hollywood blockbusters based on comics in the last decade has only compounded the problem, since the vast majority of them – and the ones which make by far the most money – are about superheroes.

According to Box Office Mojo, the top five highest grossing comic adaptations are The Avengers, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, Iron Man 3, and Spider-Man. Excellent films, all of them, but the lack of variety is a pity. Hopefully this list will help more people realise there’s more to comic books than burly men in costumes punching each other.


Image: Universal Pictures

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