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Top 10 ultimate movie hipsters

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From antique-loving Indy to the gadget-obsessed Bruce Wayne, these movie characters are the ultimate in hipsterdom.

Hipsters have always been an important part of movie history. Without Jean Luc-Godard’s achingly cool Nouvelle Vague films, would we have had Tarantino’s deliciously lazy scenes of chatter? Without Italian neo-realism, would we have had film noir? And without film noir, would we have Drive or Memento?

Hipster directors and writers pave the way for the films we love, but what of the hipster characters? What do they bring to the world of cinema? Perhaps not very much, but they sure are funny, those hipsters. Here is a collection of characters that are just far too cool for school.


Enid – Ghost World


“Do you have any 1960s Hindi rock’n’roll?” Enid asks whilst at a garage sale in her neighbourhood. When not hating on school and her parents and ugh, just EVERYTHING, Enid hangs out with an awkward middle-aged guy who is obsessed with authentic blues records. They have really cute play dates to sex shops and stuff. Overcome by, ahem, desire, Enid sleeps with him, and then packs up her little suitcase and hops on a bus right outta town, without uttering a word to anybody. Very Lena Dunham of her.


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