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Screen Robot trailer review

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This week, Woody Allen, Zach Braff and David Cronenberg were among the directors showing off their latest.

Currently, the Cannes Film Festival is happening, and in case you hadn’t noticed, films showing in and out of competition there have been releasing trailers all week long. This week, we got glimpses of Michel Hazanavicius’s The Artist follow-up (and apparent dud), The Search, David Cronenberg’s divisive Maps to the Stars and Olivier Assayas’s acclaimed Clouds of Sils Maria. Ryan Gosling’s Lost River also gave us a teaser clip of Matt Smith hypnotically chanting, “look at my muscles”, but the withering critical put-downs of the film (a highlight: “let’s see God forgive this”) suggest there’s not much more to the film than the psychedelic oddness found in the trailer.

Of all of the Cannes vids, the above teaser for Foxcatcher certainly offers the most intrigue. It’s gathered considerable acclaim at the festival, and director Bennett Miller, who drew out one of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s best performances in Capote as well as Brad Pitt’s very best performance in Moneyball, looks to be at it again, transforming lead Steve Carell into a jumbo-conked millionaire with mental health issues. The trailer would be screaming “Oscar” if it didn’t also seem so disquieted by Carell as real-life murderer John du Pont.

Matthew Vaughn’s last film was the surprisingly rather good X-Men: First Class, the film which breathed new life into the comic book franchise after two pretty abysmal entries. However, Vaughn’s latest, Kingsman: The Secret Service, looks like an unfunny movie meeting betwixt and uppity toff character and an idiot yoof, made by your dad, a Daily Mail reader, who fantasises about a Britain where chavified young layabouts are put to good use by being trained to kill for queen and country. The trailer promises a corny spy film aimed at teens, but fronted by Colin Firth being the same as he’s been in everything.

Another, more enticing-looking Colin Firth vehicle also got a trailer this week and this one’s promising, not just because Firth looks marginally less embarrassed to be involved. Magic in the Moonlight is the annual Woody Allen movie, and this one looks light, surprisingly leaning less towards straight comedy than expected, with a taste of the mystical about it, something touched upon rarely by the genius comedian and bag of neuroses.

For some people, Zach Braff is about as likeable as a terminal illness, and the child-battering former Scrubs star is unlikely to win any new fans with Wish I Was Here, his latest effort behind the camera. Funded by Kickstarter, proving once again that people cannot be trusted, the film looks as twee and self-consciously ‘indie’ as you’d expect from the director of Garden State. There’s a lot of slo-mo and a decent cast reaching for gags, but seriously, does anyone know what this thing is even about?

Ignoring the bumper crop of Cannes previews, trailer of the week has to go to Guardians of the Galaxy. The concept is weird, and Marvel have admirably done nothing to disguise that, opting instead to embrace the comic rock ‘n’ roll vibe and flaunt the talking flora and fauna that make up the nutjob core group of outlaws. The film just looks fun, which, with the overbearing Nolanisation of modern blockbuster cinema, is a precious commodity right now. Watch the trailer, and see lead Chris Pratt transforming into a superstar before your very eyes.

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