Trevor: the best and most awful Grand Theft Auto character yet

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One week after Grand Theft Auto V released to almost unprecedented critical and commercial success, we take a look at the game’s most divisive figure; Trevor Phillips. Spoilers for the game do follow, so don’t say we didn’t warn you…

GTA 5 trevor

One of the things I find myself most regularly marvelling at in Rockstar’s mammoth creation, Grand Theft Auto V, is the seamless fluidity with which players are able to switch between three unique protagonists. Rather than having each character simply stood lifelessly where the player last left them, they inhabit the world as realistically and thoroughly as they do under our control. More impressive still, however, is the way each character acts in keeping with their written personality. Michael – the game’s mid-life crisis – can be found Scotch-swilling in front of a TV in his Vinewood Hills mansion whereas slick, young gangster Franklin is seen hanging out in his neighbourhood or relaxing with his homies. But what about Trevor?

For me, Trevor is the most fascinating character of the three. I’ve lost track of the amount of hilarious scenarios I’ve found that truck-driving, civilian-scaring little scamp in. Whether portraying his affinity for unexplained violence by viciously attacking a redneck or exacting revenge on a meth-cooking rival by throwing him over a bridge, switching to play Trevor never disappoints. Since the game’s release I’ve logged around thirty hours of play time, with time as Trevor accounting for over half of that. But why is Trevor so appealing to players?

Since Rockstar released GTA V, much as been made of Trevor’s personality, with some dubbing him as the game’s ‘get out of jail free card’. Maybe this was to compensate for the hero of GTA IV, where players were dissatisfied with the seriousness of Niko Bellic in comparison to the more comical – but nonetheless deeply involving – character of CJ in San Andreas. Players perceived Bellic to be boring and ultimately not in-keeping with the destructive, reckless and enjoyable characters we had been given in previous GTA titles. Trevor suffers from no such problem at all.

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