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Trial Rising Closed Beta Reveal

Ubisoft's newest game

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So the closed beta for Trials Rising came out back on Thursday 13/09/2018 and I was given a key to try the game.

It started off not so good, the WiFi wasn’t exactly reliable so trying to connect to an online only game during that time took ages but once I was on the game loaded without issue.

The training course seemed pretty straight forward giving you the chance to learn the controls, they didn’t change at all from the previous game I played so wasn’t too difficult to get into it.

With that course over, you win a ‘sponsor’ that unlocked an extra track to race on as well as the ability to play against others as ghosts so that you can compete against everyone for extra sponsor rewards and XP.

From the XP you get the ability to level up which unlocks Gear Crates which from my play-through seems to only unlock stickers that I had no drive to want to add onto my character as the controls for this as it seemed very time consuming.

I had 2 more tracks unlocked after unlocking the first non-tutorial based track and this is where I found my first bug. One of the tracks had the contract/challenge where you had to defeat the other rider on the track with you but I apparently failed it about a third of the way through the race even after crossing the finish line first.

The other track had a contract of finish within 120 seconds which wasn’t too hard to do but the harder part was trying to continue the game. It seems that you have to get at least bronze in all unlocked tracks before it unlocks more but of course I could not get any further with that broken track so that was my review for now.

Until next time.


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