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True Blood recap: Almost Home

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Iffy character motivation rules in this latest episode of HBO’s soapy horror.

True Blood has had its share of lacklustre plot points, but it reached an all new low this week. The writers try to sidestep some of the predictable outcomes and, in doing so, provide even worse options. There are still two more episodes, but this is shaping up to be a terrible way to end a series.

The writers try to sidestep some of the predictable outcomes this week and, in doing so, provide even worse options

Tara has always been the most poorly handled character in the series, drifting between one awful plot line to the next and consistently suffering abuse along the way. Her off-screen death in the season premiere seemed like the final insult, but wait, it gets so much worse. Lettie Mae’s V-fueled hallucinations of Tara led her and Lafayette to Tara’s childhood home, and we last saw them digging holes in the front yard. Another V trip places Lettie Mae, Lafayette, and the Reverend (who was easily convinced to join their vision quest) in Tara’s childhood memories. Her father was an abusive drunk and, when young Tara decides not to shoot him with his own gun but rather bury it in the front yard, he leaves them and puts Lettie Mae on her path towards being an abusive drunk. Tara apologises for not killing him. Lettie Mae apologizes for not being a better mother. Tara poofs off into the afterlife.

Yes, Tara actually apologised for not killing her own father. When she was a child. Even though he left them, permanently, immediately after. No, True Blood. Just no. How would a child killing her own father be a better outcome than him just leaving? Why is the abused apologising to the abuser? Tara’s character arc may well be one of the worst in television history. For better or worse, Tara was part of the main ensemble, yet her death was used as a season-long device to provide undeserved absolution for a peripheral character who wasn’t even a fan favorite. That’s cold, True Blood.


Hoyt ends up saving Jessica, Adilyn, and Wade from Violet and her sex/torture dungeon in the most convoluted way possible. Hoyt and Bridget have a fight over whether they’re going to have kids, just as Jason finds out that Violet is holding Jessica, Adilyn and Wade hostage, so, in spite of Jason insisting it’s dangerous police business, Bridget tags along to get away from Hoyt. Violet subdues Jason and Hoyt miraculously shows up in time to shoot Violet in the heart with a wooden bullet. This entire subplot may have been constructed to reunite Hoyt and Jessica, because Hoyt later admits to Jason that he can’t stop thinking about Jessica and Jason and Jessica maybe decided they’re better off as friends. This would presumably leave Jason to pair off with Bridget, because he’s weirdly infatuated with her already.

If Hoyt unknowingly reconciling with Jessica is his happy ending, this final season was written by a bunch of sociopaths

But this would also be terrible. Buried under all the romantic notions that Hoyt would always fall for Jessica lies the fact that she betrayed him and he asked to forget he ever knew her and Jason. Will Hoyt be un-glamoured? Will Jessica and Jason just pretend that their whole love triangle/affair never happened? If Hoyt unknowingly reconciling with Jessica is supposed to be his happy ending, the final season was written by a bunch of sociopaths.

Eric feeds off Sarah/Noomi and is cured from Hep V (yay!). Gus Jr says it will take a while to synthesise Nu Blood, because they need to make it less effective and more of a maintenance drug than a cure, because profit (boo!). Eric is fine with this development until Sookie tells him that Bill is sick. He tries to delay her, but Sookie, being her usual stupid self, follows him to Fangtasia for more information about the cure. Eric has to fake glamour her to save her from the Yakuza, but she manages to hear Gus thinking about something in the basement. She uses the tunnel to investigate and finds that Sarah is the cure. Rather than rescue Sarah (good call), Sookie decides to bring Bill to Fangtasia for a quick feed. When he finally gets there, Bill decides he doesn’t want to be cured. Ugh.



  • HBO owes Rutina Wesley a decent role on another show for at least one season. No one deserves to be played that dirty.
  • Bill the Martyr is a terrible prospect. There’s a reason why he largely faded into obscurity after the third book and the book series didn’t turn into The Passion of Bill Compton.
  • Sookie will probably end up with Eric now, considering how she nearly threw herself at him after getting out of Bill’s bed to answer the door.


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