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True Blood recap: May Be the Last Time

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Bill increasingly takes centre stage as True Blood struggles to find its narrative focus.

Hallucinations, sex dreams, and dungeons, oh my. If only it weren’t so boring – True Blood continues its shamble toward the finish line with yet another uneven, rather aimless episode.

Perhaps the most vexing narrative decision for the final season is the emphasis on Bill, who is increasingly becoming True Blood’s central character. Even Sookie’s narrative is now focused largely on Bill (well, more than usual) and functions mostly to further develop whatever redemption story the writers planned for Bill. Except Bill hasn’t done anything to deserve a redemption arc. His human life has little bearing on his recent misdeeds, most of which were directed toward Sookie. With last episode Karma, it seemed as though Sookie accidentally giving Bill HIV Hep V was karmic punishment for all the many ways Bill wronged her. Now Sookie is desperately searching for a cure to save Bill (first calling in supernatural Dr Ludwig, then begging her fairy grandfather for magical intervention) and all is seemingly forgiven, even though Bill has done nothing to earn that forgiveness.

The most vexing narrative decision is the emphasis on Bill, who is increasingly becoming True Blood’s central character

This week’s superfluous flashbacks focus on Bill’s relationship with his wife, specifically how their marriage was largely arranged, but they fell in love anyway. It’s a setup for when Niall agrees to help Sookie find a cure and they draw upon “nature’s memories” to find answers. In this case, “nature’s memory” is a flashback of Bill’s wife giving birth, and Sookie is supposed to learn that miracles can be seemingly mundane…and that Bill can’t be saved by magic. Calling it clumsy would be an understatement. Regardless, it forces Sookie to change into a white dress to run through the graveyard at night and back into Bill’s arms/onto the floor in front of his fireplace, for some veiny makeup sex.

Meanwhile, Eric and Pam interrogate Amber about Sarah’s location. Amber’s on Team Noomi now that she’s been cured, but gives up the bit about Noomi being the cure. Eric momentarily hallucinates that Amber is Sarah and stakes her. Gus Jr sees an opportunity to save the Yokomoto corporation by using Sarah’s blood to create a curative form of Tru Blood, Nu Blood (Noo Blood?), and offers Eric a 49% share of the company to be the new spokesvampire. Eric reluctantly agrees and Gus uses the Japanese cooperation between government and business to track down Sarah’s location, the Light of Day Institute.

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Sarah’s kind of crazy from the stress of being hunted and starts hallucinating shirtless Jason telling her she’s going to die that night. As night approaches, her hallucinations include Steve Newlin and her guru for a bit of slut-shaming (Sarah even lies to herself about her number of sexual partners) and a religious crisis over her potentially imminent death. When presented with the option between Christianity and Buddhism, Sarah chooses herself because she’s the cure and the messiah (her words), which is appropriate for someone whose only consistent belief has been in her own superiority over others.

Violet awakens that night and turns on Adilyn, which alerts Jessica. This Violet nonsense needs to wrap up next week

Arlene has a sex dream about Keith, because she drank his blood and he’s totally into her. Her sudden attraction to a vampire would be more notable if she were still super anti-vamp. Now it’s less contradictory for her and seems like an easy way to give her a happy ending. She tries to help Sam figure out if it’s crazy for him to want to stay in Bon Temps (obvious answer: yes) and ends up depressed. At sundown, Keith comes, because he felt her pain through the blood bond and they slow dance.

Speaking of unnecessary, Adilyn and Wade are still alive. Violet takes them to the mansion she hasn’t been living in (in favour of Jason’s humble house) and gives them free run of her sex dungeon and paraphernalia. No one is grossed out by the thought of sharing her used sex toys. They decide they don’t want to have kinky sex and would rather have vanilla sex, and this is actually a plot line. Meanwhile, Andy and Holly are terrible and find their abandoned truck and think the kids must be at Holly’s ex-husband’s lake house north of Oklahoma City, even though they probably don’t have a vehicle. While the parents are out-of-state, Violet awakens that night and turns on Adilyn, which alerts Jessica. This Violet nonsense needs to wrap up next week.



– Hoyt’s back! With a very attractive girlfriend!

– Lettie Mae and Lafayette are digging holes at Lettie Mae’s old house, based on their vision of Tara.

– In addition to being crazy and into kinky sex, Violet apparently used to have sex with her brother. A lot. Ugh.


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