Trump Cards: Greatest videogame anti-heroes

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(Images and Design: Dafyn Upham) Some of gaming’s most infamous anti-heroes, presented as glorious trump cards.

A videogame anti-hero usually takes us on a terrifying rollercoaster of their very character, presenting us with quandaries and feelings that a classic do-gooder hero is rarely capable of. They can shock us with their psychopathy, surprise us by showing glimmers of goodness, or even make us feel discomfort and guilt for controlling them through their story.

Following our recent analysis of the unhinged Trevor from Grand Theft Auto V, we got inspired to track down some of the most heinous, horrible, and fascinating playable characters in videogame history. And of course there’s no better way to present these great anti-heroes than through the medium of trump cards.

Any major faces missing  from our collection? Let us know. If we get enough great suggestions, then expect to see a follow-up batch of trumps in the near future.


agent 47 trump card

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