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Walking Dead adverts in Japan are unbelievably weird

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This is the strangest advert you’ve seen… maybe ever

So, if Lost in Translation taught us anything (bear with me) it’s that Japanese adverts are kinda strange. The Simpsons also taught us this, now I come to think about it. Well here is quite possibly the most inexplicable example of an advert from Japan ever.

As anyone who has ever seen The Walking Dead knows, it’s essentially any soap opera ever made but with ZOMBIES. Which, as anyone who has ever seen zombies knows, makes it awesome. But the zombies are the vital ingredient (which is why season two was so boring – too much farm, way too few zombies). These ads have no zombies. At all. They have nothing even vaguely zombie related like… a disembodied limb or… a deserted hospital. Nothing. Essentially, as far as I can tell, Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus (Rick and Daryl in the show) went on holiday to Japan and drank some tea. And then it was an advert for The Walking Dead. Somehow.

The first one is especially weird because neither of them seem to know what they’re supposed to say. Which is kind of a big problem when your job is to say things and move around on camera. Andrew Lincoln’s accent also appears to have gone on holiday as he transitions from knees-up-muvva-braan cockney to Australian to New Yoik. Remember when he was Egg in This Life? In the second one, they’re essentially just ratting around. But you can’t blame them, really, they’ve evidently been ambushed by Fox International whilst trying to enjoy a holiday. Yep, that must be it.

Featured Image: YouTube


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