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Warren Ellis and Mike Allred team up to create new graphic novel ‘The Spirit of BACARDÍ’

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Get a sneak preview of Chapter 19 here

You think your family has had it rough? Your dog ran away, huh? Your husband’s got a cold and is refusing to help with the dishes? Your kid can’t find their homework? You stood on a Lego? You were late for work? Poor you. How about an earthquake, a fire and exile? Not to mention the basis of your livelihood being declared illegal. That’s right, the Bacardí family make your everyday trifles look like … well … trifle. Not even revolution could stop them, they had rum to make. But that’s not all. There was also freedom to fight for. They did both.

If you’re thinking “that sounds sort of epic, somebody should use that as the creative basis for something” you’d be right on the money. Eminent writer Warren Ellis and awesome graphic novel talent Mike Allred have teamed up to bring the BACARDÍ story to life in the graphic novel ‘The Spirit of BACARDÍ’, which will be available for digital download from 6th August.

‘The Spirit of BACARDÍ’ tells the story of Emilio Bacardí, son of Don Facundo Bacardí Massó (founder of BACARDÍ rum), tireless fighter for Cuban independence, and moustache aficionado (you’ll see). He just so happened to also be the first freely elected Mayor of Santiago de Cuba. Emilio Bacardi became famous for his honesty and integrity and never backing down on his principles, despite being frequently imprisoned during his youth.

It’s not hard to see why this story grabbed the attention of Ellis and Allred. And they really got into the spirit (unavoidable pun there), by adding drops of BACARDÍ Gold into the ink that was used to illustrate the novel. Fair enough, speaking from personal experience, writers like an occasional drink.

A sneak peak of the novel shows the bold attitude of Emilio, the Bacardí family and the spirit of Cuba, especially in Chapter 19 (above) where Emilio’s hard work pays off and he is finally able to address the Cuban people as a freely elected leader. But one person isn’t quite so sure. For the next chapter click here  and to enjoy the full story, click BACARDI.COM/SPIRITOFBACARDI



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