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WATCH: Conan O’Brien obsesses over his own butt while playing ‘Fallout 4’

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You’ve got to love videos of people who never play video games, playing video games. Earlier this year, we enjoyed a video of “elders” playing Grand Theft Auto, and now we’ve got chat show host Conan O’Brien playing ‘Fallout 4’.

The American comedian “dons a skin-tight Vault Suit” to play (and review) the game, admitting straight away that, “we’re idiots. Why are we dressed like this? I look like someone who was asked to leave an avant-garde Swedish pop group.”

O’Brien – while clearly not enjoying the experience – does enjoy the design of his own posterior. “I’m checking out my own ass,” he says, before trying (and failing) to attract the attention of some of the female characters.

Watch the video below.



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