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Watch George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling pretending to be evil

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They’re going for evil, but landing on accidentally hilarious

If I had a friend who was a famous actor, I’d probably get them to do acting all the time in our actual real lives. This would no doubt be highly annoying for them, but for me it would be a never-ending source of entertainment. For example, on busy London streets, I would get them to scream ‘There’s a bear! Run!’ Thus clearing the streets of people who walk too slowly in front of me. I’ve heard that in Pret a Manger, if you cry they give you your lunch for free. I would send my actor friend to cry in all the Pret a Mangers and have baguettes all week like a baguette king.

Anyway, it would seem that The New York Times have a lot of actor friends. But what they chose to do was just a tiny bit more creative than my self-centred plans for speedy walking and baguette-based gluttony. In essence, they put them in a room, in various outfits (and wigs), composed some frightening music and then said ‘OK, do your best evil face!’ Apart from Ryan Gosling, who as we all know is physically incapable of changing his facial expression – they just turned him into a smoking silhouette, which if you ask me isn’t technically acting at all. And get ready for the one with Brad Pitt, which is hilarious. Not on purpose… I think. Here’s Jessica Chastain doing villainous:


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